For over 17 years we have been in the business of buying and selling. We have had several stores in Sonoma County, but found our passion:  finding treasures and selling them to someone who is excited to buy them. Now in 2014 we have a store location. It will be easier to contact us at the store for your estate sale.

We wanted to put our many skills to work and that’s how Wine Country Estates Sales came about. We are the new generation of estate sales companies dealing with antiques, furniture, jewelry, art, modern  items  including electronics, hunting and fishing equipment, sports equipment, military items, antique and new weapons.

We keep up with the current selling prices. It has taken thousands of hours to acquire this skill, which helps us to make more money for you.

Our experience with E bay for over 10 years has expanded our knowledge of a vast variety of items, from A to Z.  There were over 20,000 feed-backs on our account.  Also we have years of experience with precious metals and stones.  And in case we are not sure of the value of a certain item, we have partnerships with other professionals in different fields.

Of course, not everything in an estate sale is going to be highly priced, so it is important that we are experts on the secondary market  for common items such as household and garage items.

It is important to you that we have the experience to appraise your items with current values. We know what is the best way to sell each item in order to get the most money for you.  Don’t you agree that’s really important? We make it happen.

Our team is carefully chosen for their work ability and being trustworthy. Our business is licensed and insured. Give us a call and fill us in with your situation. There is no charge for a consultation. Or come to our Santa Rosa store and we will happy to answer your questions.

We have a fixed rule: “Your sale must be the best yet!”

Let’s do it…